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Wire Wound Assembly Type Inductor

Multilayer chip inductors are Mag Layers line of high quality
Ferrite SMD shielded inductors
Ferrite SMD Shielded Type
Wire wound SMD inductor characterized by low DC resistance,
Ferrite SMD unshielded inductors
Ferrite SMD Unshielded Type
Miniaturized SMD packaged...
Wire wound chip inductors
Wire wound chip Type
Miniaturized SMD packaged in low profile and lightweight.
Ferrite low resistance and high current inductors
Ferrite DIP Type
Low DC resistance and high current handling capacities, makin
EMI common mode choke filter for large current
EMI Common Mode Filters
A chip-type common mode filter for large current application
 high power high current inductors
High Current Type
High power handling capability: Small copper loss
 coupled inductors with high power handling capability, high frequency
Coupled Inductor Type
Zero magneto-striction designand High power handling capabil
 integration of multiple inductors with no mutual inductance and no induced voltage between phases
Non Coupled Inductor Type
1. Integration of multiple inductors into one with no mutual
 High current SMD inductors for automotive
High current SMD inductors For Automotive
Automobile Inductors for Power Circuits
Larger current and
EMI common mode filters for automotive
EMI Common Mode Filters Automotive
High-speed differential mode signal line for Automotive